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How it all began

Our great-grandfather, Themistocles, a then US immigrant, came back in 1920 and bought the first piece of land and along with his son (our grandfather) Vasileios started planting olive groves and producing oil. Most recently our father Themistocles after living many years abroad he returned in 1978 in order to continue the family business.  Since then, we’ve been by his side continuing the task that defines our family through the ages.

Nestora Terra

Nestora Terra has a simple philosophy in its form. Enrich people’s lives with great and pure taste from a diverse line that focuses on fundamental products. Olive oil is the beginning.

The Team

Our family constitutes our team. We take great pride on the way we operate. From our great grandfather to today, we hold the same core values and stay true to our soil. Maintaining the same philosophy while also always being up to the latest industry standards is what separates us from the rest.

Our Products

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